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Listen To The Voices Of Those Your Trying To Help

“Listen to the voices of those you are trying to help and they will tell you what they need”.  This is what a new friend and fellow AllHumanity Roundtable member shared with me this morning.  Listen, listen, listen … I may have forgotten to listen lately.  For this, I am truly sorry.  The path I have chosen is difficult and the less traveled path to select from.  It is a suit and tie cut throat on certain days and a compassionate minute by minute human path on others.  The trick is to navigate both equally and, I am sorry to say, I fail at it from time to time.  I put that suit and tie on and race into the sector negotiating humanitarian agreements that have been called “game changing or changers”, I seek to bring organizations to a new sense of transparency and accountability by blending business best practices and protocols with their/our will and desire to change the course of history for those in poverty, ill-health or grave danger.  On other days, I am inside the hearts of those who are hungry or in crisis.  I am trying to listen to both our voices.  I am removing the “them” and replacing it with “us”.  Rarely, have I been in the same day with suit and tie and listening to “our voices”.  This must change immediately.
I believe that we must first and always listen.  First, for the voice inside of us that speaks truth and compassion, and second, to the voice of those of us who are screaming for food, shelter, medicine and compassion.  If for me it means suit and tie, then wonderful; I have been gifted, we hope, with the gift to interface with business and government persona’s that make change happen.  If for you, maybe it is rolling up the sleeve, writing a check or grabbing a economy fare to China to get busy with orphans.  
So, lately I have been too much suit and tie and not enough “in your/our face” with some good old fashion true loving and caring and most of all listening instead of talking.

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