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Robert J. Cipriano has been publishing articles and blogs for numerous international publications including The Huffington Post, USA Today and many online blogs for over a decade.  He was originally published in the New York Post in 1984 and continues through today expressing his insight and wisdom on humanitarian, non-profit and personal betterment subject.




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Four Core Passions of AllHumanity Group

The four core passions for AllHumanity are exactly the same as my personal four core principles. I have been driven by these passions for my entire lifetime, however, more so since 1996. These core passions and principles frame my every step and thought as they pertain to directing the progress and steps for AllHumanity Group. Make no mistake when evaluating the motives and choices taken over the years; the core passions are always at the very essence of the processes.
The first core passion/principle is “the children”– the children in this world who, by no choice of their own, were born in places and into life situations that are dangerous, unhealthy, abusive, unclean, uneducated, fraught with poverty, and contaminated with disease of bodies and minds. The children are my main concern 100% of the time…. 100% of my efforts. I am in constant prayer and continual work toward identifying solutions and situations that will begin to improve the lives of the children anywhere and everywhere. I am dedicated to this first core passion and principal, and I expect the associates that choose to team with AllHumanity to share this core principle/passion.
The second core passion/principle is to continually grow our awareness and abilities to comprehend the state of affairs globally. This comprehension includes the plight of people everywhere, as well as, the condition of relations between historic friends and enemies on the global scene as it pertains to the expression of human rights and freedoms at all times. I believe that by being aware of the world-scene around us rather than just our own 4×4 worlds, we can embrace the conditions in which others endure and, therefore, be moved to impact for the betterment of humanity. To know how others suffer is to be aware of our own abilities to change mankind.
The third core passion/principle is a never-ending faith in the outcome. A childlike burning for the things we can accomplish together has been placed in me… matter what, no matter where and no matter what comes against us. There is nothing that will stop AllHumanity from accomplishing the missions for which it was created. I believe that God has laid His majestic hand upon our core missions and will permit no thing, person or principality to trespass against us or defeat us. As such, I have endured a whole host of attacks and hurdles in fourteen years in the progression of our efforts. I have paid the price dearly physically and emotionally; however, I feel that each cross that I carried was one that brought us closer to our common goal which is to love, cherish and empower those of us who are not as fortunate as we may be. How can I stop this outcome or how can you stop this outcome when it is about loving and caring?
The final core passion/principle is do as I am told by my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. For me, I can find no greater mission then to serve Him as I serve humanity. I do not call all friends and associates to worship the way I do or to believe in the things I do; however, I do call everybody to embrace the concepts and to pursue with passion the acts that bind us as humans rather than separate us from the love that is so evident and needed today.

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