Robert J. Cipriano

Biography of Robert J. Cipriano

Robert J. Cipriano was raised in Upstate New York in the 1960/1970's. His interest as a young man centered on helping special needs children, both in his school, as well as, at a state-operated institution for challenged children.  In the mid 1970's, he coached swimming to the Special Olympics children in New York. A young Robert was also the first male in America to attend child-care classes while in high school.    

After graduating from Liverpool High School, Cipriano headed to New York City to stake his claim in the world.  After seeing hundreds of street performers throughout NYC, Cipriano opened a management/production company to harness their talent. In 1980, Cipriano opened Capri Productions Limited with a partner/lawyer and signed management agreements with 121 street performers and helped in creating the Bond Street Theater.  

Over the next five years, Robert J. Cipriano would open numerous entertainment companies including L'etoile Talent Agencies, Black Jack Records, Applause Entertainment and CEL (Cipriano Enterprises Limited). He went on to managed many entertainers including Mickey RooneyVivian BlaineJackie VernonSaverio SaridisJoey Faye, Johnny Crawford, Martha Raye, and others.  He co-produced the off-broadway show Forty Deuce starring a young Kevin Bacon.  He also co-produced A Strawberry Grew On An Apple Tree with Lucille Gould.   Cipriano also worked with such legends as Sammy Cahn, Gene Kelly, Terry Moore, Pat Cooper, Bob Eubanks, Tony Devon, Judi Faye, Donald O'Connor, Lowery Dene Lockhard, Ann Sothern, Chuck Connors, Rose Marie, Don Knotts, and Raging Bull - Jake LaMotta.  Cipriano also produced Portrait of a Champ - The Real Raging Bull with Chris Anderson and Shiela McGhee, directed by Delia Fernandez-Rey.  Robert J. Cipriano booked and produced entertainment at many of the Atlantic City, New Jersey casinos including the Golden Nugget, Ceasars, Claridge and Resorts International in the early 1980s.  Catering to "high rollers", Cipriano and Robert Levine created Applause Entertainment which produced such events as The Vic Damone Bocci Ball Tournament at Resorts International Hotel & Casino.

In 1986, after selling his ownership in the entertainment consortium of companies, Mr. Cipriano obtained the film rights to Mob Lawyer from infamous attorney Frank Ragano. Ragano was the lawyer for Jimmy Hoffa and other notable names of the day including Carlos Marcello and Santos Trafficante. 

Mr. Cipriano also involved himself with commercial real estate, taking over management of Paramount Plaza in Los Angeles.  This led to Cipriano developing commercial properties throughout the USA.  He partnered with major insurance companies, international construction management firms like Taylor Woodrow, P&O, Bovis, Trafalgar House and IRI (Vatican Bank) and numerous financial institutions/banks like Oppenheimer & Company, Drexel Burnham Lambert, AIG, Bank Of Tokyo, and Goldman Sachs.  In 1987, Robert Cipriano returned to NYC and opened CDG (Cipriano Development Group) and acquired 342 properties up and down the eastern seaboard from Taylor Woodrow International and Howard Blitman Real Estate.  Cipriano also created some of the United Kingdom's first commercial privatizations.

On a business trip to Manila, Philippines for AIG and Radisson Hotels, Mr. Cipriano saw the conditions children in the streets endured.  It was at that moment in 1994 that Robert Cipriano set out a new personal agenda in his life, helping people, especially children globally. Cipriano returned to the USA and accepted the position of Executive Director of FDRC The Foundation For The Declaration of the Rights of Children.  This Directorship led to the formation of Day Of The Child concert events from 1995-1999.  In 2000, Cipriano traveled to Shenyang, China to visit and work with special needs orphan children.  Once again, a profoundly important moment in his life.

Cipriano, seeing the needs in the rural PRC orphanage systems, arranged to meet with the People's Republic of China Ministry of Civil Affairs - Social Welfare Minister, Suying WANG. In 2001, the PRC and Robert Cipriano's company IllumAlliance International Humanitarian Group, Inc. forged a nation-wide cooperation agreement for the betterment of orphan care in China.

From 2001-2017, Robert Cipriano has been focused on creating international humanitarian consortiums to meet the needs of multiple crisis zones including, Uganda, Sudan, South Africa, Somalia, Tanzania, Nigeria, as well as, developing deep and rewarding relationships with multiple United Nations people and programs.  

Cipriano's health has suffered many setbacks since 2005, however, he is a warrior and fights on everyday to create the lasting change this world needs.  He dedicates 8-10 hours a day making a difference in literally thousands of people's lives.  People, who have never met him, nor will ever meet him.