Robert J. Cipriano

The AllHumanity Group was created and founded by Robert J. Cipriano as a humanitarian consortium of NGO's, Charities, UN Agencies, Aid Workers, Missionaries, Disaster Relief Professionals and everyday friends who work together to help people in need. 

Here you can find the latest news and information about The AllHumanity Group, our mission, and what we do.

Robert J. Cipriano has lived a fascinating life traveling around the world forming alliances and partnerships in entertainment, real estate, finance and the non-profit sector. He has dedicated himself for almost three decades to humanitarian activities promoting causes and providing investments, donations and relevant information where needed.

"A picture can tell a thousand words. "

"A good image is better then a long speech."  
Follow Robert J. Cipriano' life in this gallery, you'll find images of his humanitarian work and that of his partners.